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At Hammer Spear, where the art of luxury and the precision of maritime expertise meet. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional services in the world of yachting, ensuring that your experience on the water is as exquisite as it is effortless.

Comprehensive Yacht Management

We offer full-scale management services for your yacht, covering every aspect from crew staffing and maintenance to logistics and administration. Our team ensures that your yacht is maintained to the highest standards, ready for use at your convenience.

Bespoke Yacht Procurement

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first yacht or add to your collection, our experts guide you through the procurement process. We offer access to a wide range of high-quality yachts, advising on the best options based on your preferences and requirements.

Custom Yacht Design and Refit

For those seeking a personalized touch, we provide custom yacht design and refit services. Collaborating with renowned designers and shipyards, we help you create or transform your yacht to reflect your style and needs.

At Hammer Spear, our Yacht Services are about more than just managing a vessel; they are about crafting an unparalleled experience on the seas.

Charter Services

Our yacht charter services offer access to a luxurious fleet for those special getaways or events. Whether it’s a day trip or an extended cruise, we ensure a flawless experience with top-notch crew and amenities.

Navigational and Technical Support

We provide comprehensive navigational and technical support to ensure smooth sailing. This includes route planning, technical assistance, and updated information on maritime regulations and best practices.

Concierge Services at Sea

Extend your luxury experience on water with our concierge services. From onboard catering to organizing water sports activities, we handle every detail to ensure your time on your yacht is unforgettable.

Global Itinerary Planning

Our team is skilled in planning global itineraries for your yachting adventures. Whether it’s the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or more exotic locales, we chart out bespoke journeys for you to explore the world in style.

Safety and Security Measures

Safety is paramount in our yacht services. We implement rigorous safety and security measures, ensuring that your time on board is not just luxurious but also secure.

With our expertise, dedication, and attention to detail, we ensure that every moment on your yacht is as perfect as the seascape around you.

Embark on a journey of unmatched luxury with Hammer Spear’s Yacht Services – where every voyage is a masterpiece of elegance and precision.